Russian Paleontologists Discover Remains Of Ichthyornis In Russia For The First Time In History

Russian paleontologists have actually reported the exploration of a toothed bird fossil, recognized as an ichthyornis, records (in Russian). Many remains of this bird have actually been discovered in North America, however these were located in Russia’s Saratov area. This is the initial document of this sort of bird in the “Old World,” the paleontologists’ research states. Their job was released in the scholastic journal Cretaceous Research.

The group of experts, led by Nikita Zelenkov, discovered a 1.5 centimeters long piece of a big shin that births solid similarity to that of an ichthyornis. The age of the searching for, approximated at 94-100 million years, matches the age of comparable remains discovered in North America. This recommends that the bird likely had a large geographical circulation throughout the north hemisphere. It likewise recommends Eurasia was the beginning of the ichthyornithidae bird household, the research states.

These birds had comparable bodies to contemporary birds and also appeared like seagulls in exterior look. The framework of their wings reveal that the birds had the ability to fly well, while their back arm or legs recommend they were water birds. Their teeth were specifically essential functions, as they really did not have the kinetic head motion that contemporary birds have, which permits today’s birds to clinch their victim with both jaws.

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