Russian Adoption

Children in Russia for adoption range in age from six months to six years and up. Almost all the children in Russia up for adoption are behind in growth and development due to being institutionalized. Once these children are in a family environment they bounce back. There are a variety of ethnicities such as Asian, Gypsy, Mediterranean, and Caucasian. Children of both sexes are available, but there are more boys than girls. Russian children will remain on the adoption list for six months before being considered for international adoption. This way they have a chance to be adopted by a Russian family. Many of the children in Russian orphanages come from teenage pregnancies, although a few are truly orphans. A handful of them are there because the families couldn’t afford to care for them.

The Russian adoption program has remained stable, and is second to the top country that Americans choose to adopt from. Americans adopted around 4,639 Russian children in 2005. The Russian Government began a review in 2005 of international adoption procedures, and changes are expected. Fees range from agency to agency but are usually somewhere around $19,900 to $25,500. This does not include travel, immigration filing, visa, document preparation or collection.

In order to start a Russian adoption you should choose an agency that deals with Russian adoptions or international adoptions. You should research the different agencies and request information packets from the ones that you might be interested in. In Russia only married couples or single women can adopt. They believe the woman to be the main caregiver. Once you have chosen an agency, you can begin you journey for a Russian adoption. The entire Russian adopting process usually takes about nine months. You start by doing a home study. The home study is basically a report on what the social worker has found out about the adoptive parents. Once you have finished the home study you will have to complete the Dossier. This is paper work that the Russian Government requires.

Before having your paper work for your dossier notarized, ask when the notary’s commission expires. Most countries require that the notary’s commission be valid for at least a year past the date they witness a signature. When the paper work has been gathered and notarized, your agency will send it to Russia to be translated and notarized, and then they will give the paper work to the Russian authorities.

When a child is ready for adoption your agency will give you notice that there is a referral waiting for you. They used to just send you a picture and travel information, but in April of 2000, Russia changed the regulations to include that the adopting parents must receive their referrals personally, before the Russian Ministry on Education. When you receive your referral it should include a video tape of the child and any medical information on the child. If for some reason you are not happy with the referral, then your agency should work with you until you are happy. Once you are satisfied with your referral your agency will contact the Russian authorities to prepare the documents for the child being adopted. When the paper work is finished your agency should then contact you and let you know of your departure date and any travel information that you may need to know. Once you agree to a referral, families will take two trips to Russia. Most adoptive children are ready within six months of finding a family. Trip one is usually five to seven days. Usually one month after agreeing to the referral.

Families generally wait two to four months between the first and second trip. The second trip is usually about ten days. The adopted child will be able to go home ten days after the court hearing. In Russia if you get along well with your facilitator it will make it easier in the long run if you ever decide to adopt from Russia again.

Russia Defends Iranian Nuke Program; Considers Position Good Customer Service

While the civilized world has reacted with horror at Iran’s plan to harness the energy of the atom, as in bombs away, Russia has steadfastly defended the menacing mullahdom’s nuclear ambitions.

At first, any person distinguished for responsible behavior is taken back by such apparently reckless advocacy, not only because it seems wildly risky, if not outright self-destructive, but also because one does not expect it from people who have decided to present themselves as such reformed friends of humanity and trustworthy politicos that they dress in spiffy garb, instead of in their former universal drab.

We, however, turn to the hard-learned observation that, if anybody’s behavior doesn’t’ seem to make sense, you probably just don’t understand what his or her goals are.

Seen this way, the gremlin in the Kremlin is as obvious as the red power tie we often see dangling from Vladimir Putin’s neck. Iran buys weapons from Russia and will now buy enriched uranium, too, and Russia is just servicing the customer.

As V. P., who brought order to Russia by ordering his Russian cohorts around, said, “Once when I was in the KGB and didn’t have a lot to do, I read about the American department store tycoon, John Wanamaker, who once told a clerk, ‘When a customer comes in, forget about me.’ So when Iran comes up, I forget about everything but putting the customer first. It seems like the capitalist thing to do, and in the modern Russian economy, I think there’s at least room for that much free enterprise.”

One would think that there would be some awareness of the geographical limits of his enthusiasm. After all, Russia is a lot closer to Iran than we are. There are also other inescapable aspects of the client relationship that ought to be considered, among them that Vladimir and his gangsta-rich associates look as much like infidels to the Iranians currently steering their ship of state toward the reefs of war as we do.

What Lenin once said about capitalists apparently also applies to reformed communists: they would sell you the rope to hang them with.

Russia Travel Visa – Vodka and Old Friends

If you think getting a visa to travel to Russia is difficult, you should try getting one to travel around the country. Living in Russia, I needed just such a Russia travel visa.

Russia Travel Visa

Unlike many countries, foreigners in Russia must declare on their travel visa where they will travel in the country. If they want to add a location, they have to get a new, temporary visa for the location. Basically, it is red tape and bureaucracy out the ying yang.

While living in Siberia, I was invited to speak at a human rights conference in the town of Tinda. I wasn’t entirely sure where this was, but new I needed a temporary visa to get from my city to it. My host, Oleg Vladimirovich, told me getting one would be no problem. I should’ve known I was in trouble when our first stop was the liquor store.

Four vodka bottles in hand, we hit our first stop at the home of a retired customs official who was married to someone’s half brothers third sister and so on. We reminisced and drank shots for a half hour or so. Feeling no pain, the customs official called a friend and off we went to meet him while leaving the open vodka bottle behind.

At the new gentlemen’s home, we cracked our second bottle of vodka. Reminiscing was undertaken, which left me out of the process since I had never met the chap before. Eventually, another phone call was made and we were off to make a new friend.

As you can probably guess, this process was repeated two more times. At our final meeting, I was so “warm on the inside, cold on the outside” as Russians say when demurely sipping vodka that I was reminiscing with a man and wife who I had never met before in my life!

Eventually, we obtained the necessary visa or something that wouldn’t get me arrested. Oleg joked it was a “semi-visa”. It might work or might not. Seeing double, I headed home to pack my stuff for the train.

Eastern Russia – Vladivostok, Khabarovsk and Magadan

With an incredibly large land mass, Russia is really many countries in one. In this article, we take a look at travel destinations in the Far East.


A naval port city on the Pacific Ocean, Vladivostok has a passing resemblance to a run down San Francisco. Home to the Pacific Fleet of the Russian Navy, the city has lost a little of its luster as spending on the military has dried up. Like San Francisco, the city is built on the hills surrounding a harbor with the center of the city sporting a nice collection of architecture from the pre-communist era. The city is dotted with parks and scenic points overlooking both the harbor and Sea of Japan. Although the center of the city is very clean the surrounding suburbs have unbelievable industrial pollution problems. As the saying goes, “A nice place to visit, but you wouldn’t want to live there.”


The largest city in Eastern Russia, Khabarovsk is the headquarters of the Far Eastern Russian Military Command. The city is built on merge of two large rivers, the Amur and Ussuri. Vying with Vladivostok, the city is a major tourist hub for Asians flying into Russia and has a corresponding open atmosphere. Although Khabarovsk is primarily a military and industrial city, it is a good launching place to pursue inland activities such as fishing, exploring and hiking. The city is also an excellent location to pick up the Trans-Siberian Railway for the trek to the west.


The town of Magadan is located in the far north of Russia on the Pacific Ocean. The town is very remote and can be classified as the stereotypical frozen Russian town in the middle of nowhere. So, why would anyone visit Magadan? The town has played a major role in the suppression of Russians throughout history.

Under Stalin’s rule, Magadan and the surrounding area was the final stop for many exiles. Hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of political prisoners and “undesirables” were sent to Magadan to be dispersed to labor camps mining for gold. Indeed, the only road to the town is known as the “road of bones” for the prisoners who died building it.

Today, a large memorial stands in Magadan in memory of the dead. Trips can also be arranged to visit the decrepit gulags and labor camps used so mercilessly by Stalin during the Red Terror. Ironically, the town has also gained a reputation with hunters and anglers as a launching point as game is plentiful in the area. Much like Auschwitz, a visit to Magadan serves to remind visitors of the evil man will visit upon his fellow man.

The cities and towns of Eastern Russia are nothing like those found in the west. Having lived in Russia for a year, however, I believe they are a better representation of the conditions in Russia as well as the soul of the country.

Economical Travel To Russia And Some Important Things You Should Know … Make A Good Decision!

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With its doubtful tranquility as well as order scenario specifically in the areas of Chechnya, the Communist regulation impact still stays to most, and also cold environment throughout the nation specifically throughout the wintertime, Russia needs to be unappealing for a lot of. Currently, although there are still darkness of the previous Soviet, Russia is a location well worth to be seen.

Travelers would certainly not be dissatisfied with a number of archaeological sites that inform just how abundant Russia’s society is. There are a number of galleries, monoliths, as well as unblemished nature.

Inexpensive traveling to Russia
Checking out Russia could be extremely costly thinking about the range of nation. With numerous on the internet traveling firms, the cost tag is considerably reduced that it was in the past.

To obtain inexpensive as well as inexpensive traveling to Russia, all you need to do is to examine the sites specializing on affordable trips. There are offered traveling excursions and also bundles for team and also household that make a decision making a quit to Russia

Regarding Russia.
While Moscow and also St. Petersburg are the main cities of the nation, Russia has a number of side nations to find. When taking a trip, be cautious though. See to it you recognize extremely well the areas you are preparing to check out.

If you are away on these 2 cities, you may have a little difficulty connecting with citizens particularly. If you could recognize the Russian language, you wont be having any kind of trouble.

Russia is a huge nation. It is the biggest nation in the globe with a dimension two times as much as the United States. It covers from Europe to Asia as well as is separated right into 11 time areas.

Environment has actually been the significant concern of those that intend to take a trip Russia- that is if you will certainly go to the Siberian area. The majority of individuals check out Russia when wintertime finishes.

Safety and security ideas
Discover as lots of points as feasible when you choose to take a trip to Russia. Know the language, individuals, the society, the best ways to navigate, and also particularly- understand where the United States Embassy lies.

When you load, load light. Never ever reveal your purses in public. Be alert when in congested locations like public markets, public transportation, as well as vacationer websites amongst others.

Do not hail on unmarked taxis as well as vehicles if you are going from factor to factor. Never ever share taxi to various other individuals you do not understand. Take additional preventative measure if you are intending to take a trip by bus or train.

Make certain you have a person that continues to be sober if you are intending to consume alcohol on public locations. Any kind of indicator of drunkenness could bring in expert burglars as well as burglars.

Make certain various other individuals back at house understand your schedules and also call numbers and also numbers of your traveling file such as your key prior to leaving. Make sufficient copies of your aircraft tickets, key, visa, as well as all your traveling records.

Look for traveling caution and also prevent the areas of Ingushetia, North Caucasus of Chechnya, southerly as well as eastern components of Stavropol Krii, and also Dagestan. These areas might be harmful for traveler.

Prevent alcohol consumption faucet water. Rather consume alcohol mineral water. Steam the water initially prior to alcohol consumption if there is no offered bottled water.

All these can assist you make it via your Russian journey securely.

With its doubtful tranquility and also order circumstance specifically in the areas of Chechnya, the Communist guideline impact still stays to most, and also cold environment throughout the nation specifically throughout the winter months, Russia needs to be unappealing for a lot of. Currently, although there are still darkness of the previous Soviet, Russia is an area well worth to be seen.

While Moscow and also St. Petersburg are the key cities of the nation, Russia has numerous side nations to find. Environment has actually been the significant concern of those that intend to take a trip Russia- that is if you will certainly go to the Siberian area. A lot of individuals see Russia when winter months finishes.

Panasonic ER430K Ear & Nose Trimmer Review

Numerous guys who have ear and nose hairs sticking out find that they are not just awkward, but annoying. The majority of people don’t have them. Individuals with these hairs frequently attempt to discover the very best solution to getting rid of them. Utilizing tweezers can be uncomfortable, however using scissors may not get all of the hairs out, plus can be dangerous too. Fortunately, they make special men’s trimmers for these requirements. Panasonic has an excellent line of men’s individual electric shavers, and they’ve also developed the Panasonic ER430K Nose Trimmer Females might likewise discover a hair trimmer will help them look their best.

The Panasonic ER430K trimmer offers the best service for looking your finest. This trimmer is enclosed with a long tube-like case. It’s black and silver, with a big oval on/off button. The Panasonic logo is along the bottom front of the trimmer, in addition to the ER430K design number. It’s broader at the base. The trimmer is attractive enough to leave on the top of your restroom counter without being humiliated.

Not many nose trimmers can be utilized damp or dry, as most are only for dry operation. This comes in handy for when you have to get all your individual care needs performed in the shower, plus you don’t desire to have any lingering hairs stayed with your skin. You can also utilize them in the bath tub, or the sink. The Panasonic ER430K nose trimmers are 100% water resistant, and you can easily wash them under the tap after usage.

In order to be used wet, it needs to run on batteries and not an electrical cable. It utilizes only one AA-sized battery. You can decide to use rechargeable batteries if you do not wish to fill the landfills with disposable ones. There is no battery consisted of in package, so you’ll need to keep in mind to add batteries to your purchase. With the insertion of a brand-new battery you’ll have up to ninety minutes of running time.

The Panasonic ER430K ear & nose trimmer will easily shave hairs from the nose and ears. It will make it much easier, specifically since it’s tough to see inside your ears. You can likewise use it to detail around beards and do your eyebrows. You’ll discover that while you’re cutting hairs you won’t feel the trimmer doing anything, although it is still working.

The blades contained with the Panasonic trimmer are double edged to take full advantage of the cutting power. Each blade is likewise curved, so it will safely cut and cut hair without scratching the skin, or pulling or yanking on hairs.

The blades are likewise made with hypoallergenic stainless steel to decrease delicate skin reactions. They do not consist of any nickel which has been understood to trigger skin allergic reactions. The curving of the blades is also advantageous, as they contour to fit the curves of your nostrils or ear canals. Your hair will be trimmed down to the exact same level as the hairs beside them.

The top of the nose trimmer likewise has a metal safety cone so that your skin isn’t really coming into instant contact with the sharp blades.

Another fantastic function of the Panasonic ER430K Ear and Nose Trimmer is that it’s in fact built with a wise micro-vacuum system. This indicates that as you are trimming away hairs, the tiny vacuum is actually drawing up these hairs into the small vacuum cylinder. This implies that trimmed hairs from your nose, moustache, or facial hair will not get all over your clothing, or worse, get deeper into your nose or ears causing irritating itching.

There is a particles cylinder on the trimmer so you can open it up and clear it when it is full. There is likewise a protective plastic cap so that you can cover the top of the metal cone prior to putting it into your bag. It will be excellent for travel as it works on batteries and does not need to be plugged into the wall, or a worldwide wall outlet with varying voltage.

Panasonic actually has four various nose and ear trimmers. There is also the ER415SC, ER-GN30-K, and the ER412KC. All of these have similar functions, except that the Panasonic ER430K does not have a light. While you could utilize a light on your nostrils, a light won’t assist you at all for your ears, unless your partner is helping you.

The Panasonic ER430K Ear and Nose Trimmer costs under $22, making it an affordable choice for when you require that additional individual grooming item for the bathroom.

This trimmer determines 2″ x 1″ x 5 inches, and weighs about 3.8 ounces. There is a two year service warranty to support the product.

The reviews for the Panasonic ER430K Ear and Nose Trimmer are mostly beneficial, with about 4.4 stars from five stars from over 2600 evaluations.

If you’re bothered by nose or ear hairs that stand out and cause embarrassment, you can purchase the Panasonic ER430K Ear and Nose Trimmer for an inexpensive rate. Not just does it make it simple to get rid of these humiliating hairs, however you’ll likewise look your best after you’ve utilized it. The vacuuming function of the trimmer is also great, lessening clean up later on. You ought to order these excellent Panasonic ER430K Ear and Nose Trimmers today, so you can look your best for that next unique event.

P90x Workout Schedule Made Easy


Severe programs like P90X aren’t for everybody. So welcome to the P90 workout review — your gateway to getting fit no matter your age or physical fitness level! Legendary fitness instructor Tony Horton has now developed shorter exercises that are easy, manageable, and less extreme than his others, but still just as reliable. So whether you haven’t exercised in a decade, or you’re just seeking to preserve what you’ve got, P90 opens the door for you to see remarkable, noticeable results in simply 90 days!

Each new phase of P90 is designed to gradually reduce your body past its old limits. So after 30 days of P90, you’re leaner and more strong; after 60 days, you’re seeing muscles you’ve never ever discovered before, and by Day 90 you lastly have that lean, strong body you might once just dream about. .

And You’ll get 3 powerful bonus tools to boost your workout

Simple Kitchen Nutrition Guide.
No complex shopping lists. No calorie counting. Just whatever you’ll need to put together 90 days of well balanced meals you’ll enjoy to consume.

4-Step Power Plan.
Do these four things on Day One, and you’ll significantly increase your opportunities of success. Think about them as Tony’s Golden Rules for getting AMAZING results.

” How to Hit It” Tutorial.
Prepare for a private introduction to P90 with Tony himself– consisting of expert workout tips he usually just show his celebrity customers!

And you’ll receive 4 free bonus gifts.

GIFT 1– 1 Pro-Grade Resistance Band.
Forget buying weights! You won’t believe all the methods Tony shapes your body by including this easy-to-carry tool to your relocations. Looks simple … but it’s pure exercise power! **.

GIFT 2– 6-Day Shred.
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GIFT 3– 90-Day Workout Calendar.
The trick behind P90 isn’t really just the workouts– it’s doing them in the right order. Cross off every day as you get closer to the body you truly desire.

GIFT 4– 24/7 Online Support.
Envision having a whole team of physical fitness professionals available through your phone or tablet. Strike them up for responses or physical fitness suggestions … even join in on Tony’s live chats!

Russian Paleontologists Discover Remains Of Ichthyornis In Russia For The First Time In History

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Russian paleontologists have actually reported the exploration of a toothed bird fossil, recognized as an ichthyornis, records (in Russian). Many remains of this bird have actually been discovered in North America, however these were located in Russia’s Saratov area. This is the initial document of this sort of bird in the “Old World,” the paleontologists’ research states. Their job was released in the scholastic journal Cretaceous Research.

The group of experts, led by Nikita Zelenkov, discovered a 1.5 centimeters long piece of a big shin that births solid similarity to that of an ichthyornis. The age of the searching for, approximated at 94-100 million years, matches the age of comparable remains discovered in North America. This recommends that the bird likely had a large geographical circulation throughout the north hemisphere. It likewise recommends Eurasia was the beginning of the ichthyornithidae bird household, the research states.

These birds had comparable bodies to contemporary birds and also appeared like seagulls in exterior look. The framework of their wings reveal that the birds had the ability to fly well, while their back arm or legs recommend they were water birds. Their teeth were specifically essential functions, as they really did not have the kinetic head motion that contemporary birds have, which permits today’s birds to clinch their victim with both jaws.

‘Architecture at the End of the Earth’ Is Attracting American Crowds

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On May 6, William Craft Brumfield -teacher of Slavic Studies at Tulane University -offered a lecture on Russian style as component of a public seminar at the University of Washington, Seattle. The talk was presented by Dr. Michael Biggins, a Slavic, Baltic as well as East European research studies professional at the University of Washington Libraries. The

lecture was adhered to by a conversation dedicated to the importance of Brumfield’s photo paperwork for the research study of middle ages and also Baroque art. The individuals consisted of Christopher Campbell, chair at UW Department of Urban Design and also Planning; Elena Campbell, UW Associate Professor of History; Ivan Drpić, UW associate teacher of Art History; and also Ellen Hurst, independent scholar in European building background. They talked about standard Russian style as well as art, issues of its preservation as well as adjustment within altering settings, as well as its duty in the historic and also social landscape of the Russian North.

Prior to the seminar the general public had a chance to delight in an exhibit of Brumfield’s pictures of the Russian North at the Odegaard Library. Including pictures that cover virtually 20 years, along with graphics and also audiovisual elements, the event additionally narrates Brumfield’s journeys with north Russia, as well as traces his experiences with neighborhoods making every effort to protect their very own identification. The exhibition of Brumfield’s photos was created by the Wolk Gallery, MIT School of Architecture as well as Planning, curated by Ulrike Heine in cooperation with the professional photographer and also with payments by Christianna Bonin. It’s on screen at the Odegaard Library from April 1 up until May 16, 2017.

The seminar additionally commemorated the conclusion of a significant docudrama task including Brumfield’s digital photography. Over the previous years the University of Washington Library has actually teamed up with Professor Brumfield in generating an openly available data source of some 30,000 of his Russian building pictures. With the assistance of a significant give from the National Endowment for the Humanities, the William Brumfield Russian Architecture Digital Collection of is currently readily available to the general public. As Michael Biggins kept in mind: “We wanted to celebrate that accomplishment with a public event that would take the exhibit as its point of departure, add a public lecture by Professor Brumfield, and bring in several of UW’s own scholars to provide commentary on the importance of Brumfield’s work from the perspective of their disciplines.”

The seminar occasion additionally consisted of Russian sacral songs executed by the choir of Seattle’s St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Cathedral under the instructions of Gregory Kotar. “It was gratifying to see so many people come out for the event,” Biggins added.

Russians Are Buying More Luxury

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Domestic need for deluxe products is raising in Russia, reviews a record by the worldwide bookkeeping expert Deloitte. The outcomes of a study carried out amongst well-to-do Russians suggest that 62 percent have actually begun investing much more on high-end products. A comparable pattern has actually been reported in both China as well as the UAE, defined by professionals as establishing deluxe markets. In Europe, the United States, and also Japan – which are all taken into consideration to be created markets for deluxe things – 49 percent have actually apparently begun spending a lot more for luxurious products.

Darya Yadernaya, basic supervisor at style working as a consultant Y Consulting, verifies that upscale clients are purchasing much more in all classifications of upmarket products, consisting of clothing, shoes, as well as devices. “The fact that the core of the deluxe shopping base is now more active on the market is compensating for the withdrawal of custom by middle-class buyers, which used to contribute around 30 percent to overall sales,” she said.

Russians that are concurrently repaying their home loan as well as an auto loan have actually quit investing in deluxe things as the ruble’s currency exchange rate has actually dropped, Yadernaya discusses. “They simply cannot afford such buys anymore.”

Well-off buyers, for their component, have actually transformed from getting abroad to investing a lot more locally. “At present, luxury items are more affordably priced in Russia than abroad, so shopping tours to foreign destinations make little sense,” Yadernaya describes. Devices, largely fabrics, natural leather, and also shoes continuously lead the sales.

On the whole, Yadernaya price quotes, deluxe sales expanded by 8 percent in Russia as denominated in roubles. Professionals anticipate the number to get to 11 percent this year.

Remarkably, affluent customers located the existing situation as a solid reward to begin investing a lot more on high-end. “In these difficult times, many find it important to demonstrate that their business and life are just fine,” Yadernaya notes. “This approach results in increased conspicuous consumption; your lifestyle becomes much more important to you than it used to be.”

Those thinking about preserving their condition apparently extra no cash on significant financial investment, choosing personal jets or luxury yachts. “Private flying has become more widespread; many clients have switched from business class to own charter airplanes, and yacht sales have also gone up,” the expert points out.

This price quote is affirmed by the information given by the Russian branch of Forbes Magazine. The magazine has actually lately reported that around 350 luxury yachts were marketed worldwide in 2016, with a considerable part of those supplied to Russians. As an example, Alisher Usmanov, the proprietor of extracting firm Metalloinvest, bought a brand-new 156-meter-long Dilbar private yacht, whose price specialists placed at $600 million. Andrey Melnichenko, the proprietor of Siberian Coal Energy Company, acquired a cruising luxury yacht worth an approximated $400 million, while Dmitry Pumpyansky, the proprietor of steel pipeline production leader TMK Group, obtained himself a 100-meter-long “Blade” watercraft for around $1.1 million.

Russians are likewise proactively acquiring high-end automobiles. The logical firm Autostat records that some 350 such lorries were offered in Russia in between January and also March 2017 – 15.1 percent up year-on-year. Throughout 2016, the nation’s high-end vehicle market expanded by 6.5 percent. In 2015’s most preferred design was the Mercedes Maybach S-Class (around 60 percent of all sales at 684 lorries), adhered to by different Bentleys (318) as well as Rolls-Royces with 110 vehicles. The Maybach kept its prominent placement in 2017; it’s currently complied with in appeal by the brand-new Maserati Levante crossover.

Bentley comes third, with 70 percent of the brand name’s Russian sales being up to the Bentayga design. Georgy Aplevich, an information editor with AutoBusinessReview, remarks that high-end automobiles have an even more constant sales base compared to various other automobiles: they are usually acquired by elderly supervisors of significant companies: “Maybach could be so popular because it is the least expensive luxury sedan, with the Bentley and Rolls-Royce makes coming with much heftier price tags. In addition, it is essentially a standard S-Class vehicle upgraded to the luxury level of the erstwhile Maybach. Many rich and famous people like this approach, because it allows them to stay relatively inconspicuous.”